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Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Denver, CO?

By joining David R. Jones, a well known Denver criminal lawyer, in his established practice, Mr. Decker and Mr. Martinez are now a part of a firm which is unrivalled in its specialized trial experience, handling serious criminal charges in Colorado. Decker and Jones delivers a superior level of commitment and expertise which consistently yields results in the field of criminal defense.

Alcohol-Related Driving Offenses and Penalties

If you have been charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), or Underage Drunk Driving (UDD), it is in your interest to consult a Newell & Decker attorney today. These are serious offenses that can result in severe, life-altering consequences, including the loss of your driving privilege, mandatory monitored sobriety, alcohol education/therapy classes, community service, substantial fines, and even jail . . . read more

Domestic Violence Crimes

Few crimes require more immediate intervention of a criminal defense lawyer than domestic cases. Otherwise, the “judicial system” takes over and the accused often find themselves without family and employment. An experienced and skilled lawyer is critical to minimize the immediate consequences of a domestic violence (DV) charge . . . read more

Sexual Offenses

The consequences of being charged with any crime involving unlawful sexual activity are very serious. In recent years, Colorado has significantly changed sexual crime laws, increased their penalties, and expedited the timeline for filing of these cases. We have developed a highly specialized practice model in order to aggressively and effectively defend against all sex related crimes . . . read more

Electronic Network – Cyber Crimes Defense

In the past decade with the dramatic evolution of computer, “smart phone”, and internet based technologies and services, there has been an explosion of new laws, new police investigative techniques, and correspondingly new criminal cases . . . read more

Crimes Against the Person

Cases alleging harm or attempted harm to another human being are very serious matters, and often carry severe penalties. Many of these offenses are felonies, and, in addition to court-imposed penalties, a conviction for such can have long-term employment, familial, travel, immigration, and even residential consequences . . . read more

Drug Offenses

Drug related charges vary widely in both seriousness and complexity. In recent years, there have been substantial changes in the laws governing drugs and the consequences for such crimes. Because of this, it is vital to have an experienced attorney who is well versed and informed of these changes, and exactly how they may effect your situation . . . read more

White Collar Crimes

Perhaps more than any other areas of criminal law in the past five years, white collar crimes have become politically fashionable for state and federal prosecutors to pursue. Because of the severe economic downturn in our economy, many more business-related, or “white collar” crimes, have been filed . . . read more

Weapons Offenses

Weapons offenses are very serious and require an experienced defense attorney. They are the subject of fundamental constitutional rights, important notions of security and privacy, and involve an area of constantly changing laws . . . read more