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1st degree burglary is a very serious charge, and requires nothing less than an experienced and accomplished Denver criminal lawyer to defend against it.

Depending upon the circumstances of the case, a person can be charged with 1st degree burglary if the individual enters or remains in a building or occupied structure with intent to commit a crime once inside, and while inside, or while in the process of entering or exiting, the individual assaults or menaces any person, or the individual or another participant is armed with explosives or a deadly weapon.

Depending upon the circumstances of the case, 1st degree burglary can be a class 2 felony, or a class 3 felony.

If you or someone you know is being charged with 1st degree burglary, it is important that you talk to a Denver defense attorney immediately. Contact a trial tested, result oriented Denver defense lawyer at Newell & Decker today to discuss the case.