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Defense for Internet/Cyber Crime Charges

In the past decade with the dramatic evolution of computer, “smart phone”, and internet based technologies and services, there has been an explosion of new laws, new police investigative techniques, and correspondingly new criminal cases. Fueled by these new electronic technologies, a massive federal funding effort, and community awareness from television shows such as “To Catch A Predator”, this area of criminal law defense has grown perhaps faster than any other. As a result, this area of law has developed into a new area of legal defense specialization. In Colorado, multiple new laws which relate to computer and internet related communications, file sharing services, web-cam, text transmissions, and social networking sites have been enacted over the past several years. With these new laws has come a surge in internet based “sting operations”, child pornography, and electronic evidence related cases. In many of these cases, there exists no actual “victim” of the crimes charged, and in some, the person charged is not even aware that they have downloaded or communicated something which is illegal. Despite this, the potential penalties for many of the new internet based crimes and electronic evidence crimes are extremely serious. Some are more serious than offenses involving real victims, and can lead to indeterminate-to-life sentences in prison under Colorado law. Because this is true, it is particularly important to hire an attorney who is not learning the law or the technology based evidence for the first time on your case. At Decker and Jones we are highly experienced in this new and developing area of criminal defense. This experience has allowed the development of a specialized practice model to effectively handle these complex and emerging cases. From constitutional challenges to certain statutes, to innovative legal and evidentiary legal pleadings for their clients, Decker and Jones has gained peer recognition and achieved successful results for their clients. Mr. Decker has lectured on and taught these new internet crimes defense techniques to his professional peers, and is on the forefront of this most contemporary area of criminal defense.

Some of the computer, smart phone and internet crimes we regularly handle are:


Computer crime can be a serious charge, requiring the services of an esteemed Denver criminal attorney. Depending upon the circumstances of the case, a person can be charged with computer crime if the individual accesses a computer, computer network, or computer system without authorization, or exceeds authorized access to such items. A person can also Read the full article...