Trial tested, results oriented

David R. Jones

Mr. Jones obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Auburn University where his father taught for 26 years.  In 1993,  Mr. Jones moved to Colorado to attend Law School at the University of Denver where obtained his juris doctorate.

In law school, Mr. Jones focused his curriculum in the area of trial practice and mock trial competitions where he achieved great success.  Mr. Jones began an internship with the Colorado Statue Public Defender’s office in 1995 winning the first case he tried to a jury before graduating from law school.  

After graduation from law school, Mr. Jones was hired as a trial attorney with the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office.  Over the next eleven years, he was a public defender in Arapahoe, El Paso and Jefferson Counties.  During this time, Mr. Jones tried well over thirty cases to the court and over fifty cases to a jury achieving outright acquittals or dismissals in most of the cases he tried.  Mr. Jones finished his career as a public defender in Jefferson County where he was the Senior Attorney for that office where he was responsible for teaching and training less experienced lawyers.

In 2007, Mr. Jones started his own criminal defense practice in Golden, CO where he continued to achieve dismissals and acquittals in serious felony cases.  In 2016, Mr. Jones joined The Law Offices of Decker & Jones as Partner where his firm continues to represent people charged with serious criminal offenses.

Mr. Jones is member of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, The First Judicial Bar Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  He remains active in local community efforts in Jefferson County working to improve the criminal justice system.


Some Representative Cases

People v. T.B. – Denver County – Dismissal of all Felony Sex Assault Charges at trial (2011)

People v. M.B. – Adams County – Complete Aquittal of all Felony Sexual Assault charges. (2012)

People v. D.P. – Adams County – Dismissal of all Felony Sexual Assault Charges (2012)

People v. J.G. – Broomfield County – Life Sentence of Client vacated and reinstated for 6 years after successful post-conviction relief motion. (2012).

People v. L.C. – Jefferson County – Prison Sentence reversed and client released. (2013).

People v. E.C. – Jefferson County- Complete jury acquittal of client charged with driving while ability impaired. (2013)

People v. A.R. – Denver County – Hung Jury of all Felony Sex Assault Charges resulting in Misdemeanor conviction. (2014)

People v. A.D. – Jefferson County – All Felony Sex Assault Charges Dismissed.

People v. B.G.  – Denver County – Dismissal of all Felony Sex Assault Charges (2015)

People v. J.M.  – Boulder County acquittal of DUI (2016)