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Defense experts are a good investment

Criminal trials are a complicated series of processes all intended to sway the opinions of a jury one way or the other.  While a lead defense attorney has the primary role in making this happen on behalf of a defendant, many times a person with extensive knowledge in a particular subject is what is needed to tip the scales in the defendant’s favor.

Expert witnesses are a staple of larger and more complicated trials, but they can often prove to be an effective asset for just about any kind of case, especially those that deal with large amounts of forensic evidence or very narrow parts of the law.

In Denver, there are generally two types of criminal defense expert witnesses who can be called upon to help substantiate a defense team’s case.

The first is a consulting expert who primarily engages in doing research and analysis for the defense team.  Many times, this analysis is used to help bolster a point of view or find weaknesses, both in a defense team’s case and in the prosecuting team’s case.  Defense attorneys can use them to test legal and forensic theories and to help pinpoint strategies that will work the best in a courtroom environment.

The other expert is a testifying expert.  They will be called upon to give testimony during a trial, helping to articulate a defense team’s point of view.  Testifying experts tend to fall into two categories.  They are either a subject matter expert, with a deep knowledge of a particular subject (i.e. surgical malpractice, construction defect issues, etc.) or they are a valuation and damages expert who has been trained to place specific dollar amounts on damage awards and related subjects.

In some instances, the consulting expert and the testifying expert may be the same person.  In any event, they are considered key players in cases where their expertise is needed and they are a wise investment for a defense team attempting to gain an acquittal for their client.

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