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Portions of analysis received from law student observing Sexual Assault Jury Trial in September, 2010:

Attorney Courtroom Presence and Mannerisms: … Mr. Newell thoroughly impressed me throughout the trial. He was in complete control of himself and his confidence filled the courtroom…He seemed acutely aware of his actions and how the jury would perceive them… Several lessons we learned in class about attorney mannerisms and presence were displayed in this trial… and Mr. Newell was superior in nearly every aspect. Attorney Questioning: Mr. Newell was correct in his objections…he controlled the witness quite professionally…despite the victim’s unendearing responses, Mr. Newell calmly repeated himself several times, excused himself for interrupting and asked the victim if she needed time to compose herself.  

Portions of letter received from Juror in Sexual Assault Jury Trial in October, 2009:

Dear Mr. Newell: As you may recall, I had the responsibility and privilege to serve as a juror.And, while I am looking forward to putting the matter behind me, I feel compelled to share with you some thoughts about the experience.I have a profound respect and admiration for both your service and the way you provided it. I was inspired by the passion with which you defended your client and I was awed by the grace with which you did it. These feelings go beyond being impressed with your legal acumen and are reflective of my newly cemented understanding of a defense counsel’s awesome responsibility to ensure a fair trial for the accused. I’m not sure how you manage to immerse yourself in such drama without requiring regular sedation-but I will be forever grateful that you manage to do it.

Letter from client in prison on 5 year sentence after 17 count jury trial wherein he was facing life imprisonment:

Dear Mr. Newell: Thank you for allowing our Lord Jesus to use your wisdom and counsel to help me during my legal case. I am increasingly grateful for all your help and legal assistance.  


A thank you letter can’t really express how we feel. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you’ve done for our son. At a time when we were totally at a loss and in a state of panic, we were lucky enough to have you recommended to us. Whenever imagined we’d be in the position to need the help you provide.» read more Previous case results do not constitute a guarantee of future results.