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Dear Mr. Decker,

A thank you letter can’t really express how we feel. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you’ve done for our son. At a time when we were totally at a loss and in a state of panic, we were lucky enough to have you recommended to us. We never imagined we’d be in the position to need the help you provide. Even in the midst of this trauma, from the beginning we felt comfortable with putting our son’s fate in your hands. You’ve been patient and calming when we had many questions and concerns, and even though we couldn’t let go of the worry, it helped that you asked us to concentrate on other things concerning Matthew.

You were always willing to take the time; you don’t know how important it was that it was always you that we could go to, rather than a partner or assistant. We also greatly appreciate that you emphatically offered your opinion in September that he needed additional help – it was definitely what was needed. If we had immediately followed your advice, we wouldn’t have had that nightmare experience of having to call 911. Thank God that he was o.k. and that we were able to follow your advice right after that.

We both feel that where he is now is the best possible place for him. I don’t believe that we would have looked at that if it hadn’t been for you. Now it’s up to him to TRULY WANT to change his life, and we pray that he does this time, for good. Your expertise (and the willingness of the court) has allowed him this chance.

It may sound strange, but we think of you more as a friend of the family than a lawyer. Your advice, guidance, and willingness to talk with us meant so much…we can never repay this. Thank you so much for all you do and have done.

Scott and Cindy